Castle Hills Residence Revival: Embracing Timeless Natural Stone

Castle Hills Residence Revival: Embracing Timeless Natural Stone

This Castle Hills Residence is a remarkable and special project for MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile. What initially began as a kitchen remodel evolved significantly after an unexpected water heater explosion caused extensive flooding throughout this Dallas residence. Despite the damage, our client wanted to preserve the beauty and deep connection she has to her memory-filled family home. The final project maintained the home's original charm while incorporating contemporary design.

Honoring The Past & Embracing The Future

The residence blends modern elegance with the warmth and familiarity of home. One key aspect of the revival is preserving and honoring traditional craftsmanship with an exquisite blend of natural stone and porcelain tile. Each material carries a sense of history, connecting the past with the present to create timeless continuity. “I love natural elements–the movement and uniqueness of each stone is art to me. Natural stone stands the test of time and transcends passing trends,” said the owner.

Shower cutout shelf featuring Alba Vera, Nero and Montclair Marbles
Arabesque Marble backsplash

The integration of natural stone and ceramic tile is a sophisticated design choice that significantly elevates the aesthetic of the living spaces. The kitchen, primary suite, and guest bathrooms were completely reimagined. Each colored stone or tile provided a serene and dynamic visual appeal. “Using our Alba Vera White and Medici Marble creates a clean, modern look in our primary bathroom.” While it added a modern, airy aesthetic, incorporating darker stones provided a complimentary contrast in other areas of the residence.

“Nero Marble adorned the kitchen, adding drama and depth to the white counters and fluted backsplash. The porcelain tiles surrounding the fireplace added durability and versatility, while the frame mosaics introduced intricate designs that brought a unique character to each guest bath, making them truly special.”

Pet shower stall with Wizard Ceramic Tile

The dog bath installation was one of the most cherished additions to the project. “We framed the bath's exterior with beautiful Wizard Tile and trimmed the edges with Alba Vera White Marble, which became the owner's beloved dog's new bath spot.” Its elegant detailing and functionality make it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Through this experience, the owner is left inspired for what’s possible following extreme damage. “After eight months out of my house, it’s great to be home, and I am truly reminded daily of the beauty with natural elements.”

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