Discover MATERIAL's Pacific Rim Collection

Discover MATERIAL's Pacific Rim Collection

Inspired by the history and beauty of the Pacific Islands, MATERIAL's new Pacific Rim Collection gives exhilarating energy to any space. Hand-cut and etched by our talented artisans, each tile is unique to you.

Whether choosing a neutral, sophisticated limestone tile for your kitchen or planning to go bold with Charcoal or Seville, we offer hundreds of patterns and design combinations for you to explore. Revel in an exquisite array of our most popular natural stone colors––Charcoal Limestone, Dandy Marble, Nero Marble, and Seville Travertine.


Natural Pacific Rim

Ready to capture the beauty of stone in your next project? Draw inspiration from one of ten individual styles.


Weave references its namesake with bold, playfully intertwining lines to highlight the magnificence of stone. Transitional in style, this elegant pattern makes an ideal choice. 


Wave captures the cyclical movement of waves washing over a shoreline. Most frequently used in contemporary projects—but suitable for all styles—this pattern's intricate lines create a focal point without overpowering the space.


Embracing both the cyclical movement of waves and the etching process, Tsunami brings a bold, spirited energy. MATERIAL's signature Tsunami style is an uninhabited but refined pattern of freeform lines and curves.


Current is an extraordinary design of echoed hand-carved curves. The repeating circular pattern mimics the peaceful movement of ripples extending across the water's surface. The tile creates a harmonious aura. 


Sun draws influence from radiating sunrises and beams of light as they pass through the water's surface. Lines converge and split at regular points to create a geometric design, while negative spaces between celebrate the organic patterns of the stone.


Palm combines classic shape and veining styles native to the Pacific Islands with soft curves to create a welcoming pattern well suited to most spaces. 


Koi pulls from the simple beauty of rippling lines left on the pond's smooth surface. The curves combine with crisp lines, celebrating the natural world and the care that goes into each handcrafted piece. 


Kelp is an active, dynamic pattern inspired by the graceful movements of underwater kelp forests. Each tile adds the perfect visual interest to both modern and traditional spaces.


Reimagining the traditional botanical motif, Fan showcases the natural forms found in some plants of the Pacific Rim. Fan's impact varies with stone color—making it a universal favorite.


Canoe is a serene but modern pattern inspired by the gentle movement of a small boat over calm water. It brings a sense of tranquil relaxation, great for spas and sanctuaries.

Each piece of 8" x 16" tile can be customized at MATERIAL to meet your requirements.


EXPLORE The Collection

Since 1965, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile has been delivering the very best in world-class stone, glass, and ceramic tile. To experience a taste of the Pacific Islands, schedule a virtual appointment online or contact us by phone to learn more about our bespoke services or showroom locations across the U.S.

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