Eat, Drink & Be Merry: The Design Expert’s Guide To Holiday Hosting

Eat, Drink & Be Merry: The Design Expert’s Guide To Holiday Hosting
From memorable dinner parties to cocktail gatherings, the holiday hosting season is upon us. We asked the design community and the MATERIAL Team to share their tips and inspiration for throwing a flawless holiday event.
01. EAT
The food doesn't have to be complicated, just beautifully presented. 
Laurie Leahy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at
MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile believes any holiday fête should focus on enjoying time with friends and family even if you are the host. “The food you serve doesn’t have to be complicated, just beautifully presented. Our marble serving boards make a sleek focal point alone or alongside your table arrangements. The JWS x MATERIAL Tray with Bubble Handles in Black Marble or Tray with Dip Bowl in Black Marble add the wow factor! Granted, I may be a little biased, but I love natural marble as a material for tabletop accessories, and especially serveware. You can pre-chill trays to keep food cool, it’s inherently food safe, and of course each piece is uniquely beautiful.”

Marble Tray

Tray with Dip Bowl in Black Marble

She also explains “store-bought confections can be elevated by adding an eye-catching cake stand. Display cakes, pies, and pastries with the JWS Cake Stand in White Marble to upgrade your dessert table.”

Marble Cake Stand

JWS Cake Stand in White Marble 

Every holiday party needs a signature cocktail!
The bar is an excellent space to let your personality and style shine through. Whether you're in the mood for a classic–like mulled wine or a hot toddy–or something a little more adventurous, signature drinks offer a fun way to get guests in the holiday spirit. Make sure not to forget the essentials like garnishes, glassware, and most importantly, ice.
A thoughtfully appointed barscape and signature cocktail is a must-have for any holiday soiree. 

We asked Jeff Trotter, Principal of full-service design firm Jeff Trotter Design (JTD) tips on creating signature cocktails and designing a great bar.

“One of the most popular spots during a great holiday party inevitably ends up being around the bar. Whether you’re sipping on cocktails or mocktails, it’s always a hot spot for socializing so why not prioritize it as a great design focal point as well? I love the concept of utilizing different and unexpected spaces for a mini bar station. Having a beautiful set up on a coffee table surrounded by comfy seating, or atop a sideboard in a dining space can be a great way to keep the fun flowing without jamming up one bar space. Set out a pretty tray with a self-serve station of a premixed signature cocktail and save some room for a stone wine chiller too (some of my favorite trays and chillers can be found in Jennifer Wagner Schmidt’s new collection for MATERIAL). Add some candles, fresh floral arrangements, a stack of cocktail napkins, and some stemware, and you’ve instantly created a pop up station to keep your guest’s thirst quenched in a beautiful and functional way!”

Jeff’s collection with MATERIAL is set to launch in 2024 and will include stone fireplaces, mosaic tiles, door casings, decorative trim tiles and stone side tables.

Marble Wine Cooler and Vase

Pictured: Bubble Vase & Wine Cooler in White Marble, JWS Tray with Bubble Handles in Black Marble. The versatile design of the JWS Bubble Vase and Wine Cooler allows you to keep your favorite bottle cold or add a beautiful floral arrangement to create a stunning centerpiece. 

Mix and match your tablescape to represent your personal style.
MATERIAL design muse, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt believes the best tablescapes represent your personal style and taste. “Don’t be afraid to showcase your own style by passing on the traditional holiday decor or color schemes. Try incorporating black and white hues for a modern look. Mix functional and decorative items, textures and elements. I will be accessorizing my modern tablescape with the new JWS x MATERIAL Marble Accessory Collection. Each exclusive marble piece is meticulously handcrafted and like a work of art.”

Each of the 14 pieces from the JWS Collection is not only beautifully designed, they are meticulously crafted from the highest quality natural stone, making them incredibly durable. Shop the exclusive collection at

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