Introducing An Exclusive Fireplace & Furniture Collection In Collaboration With Donna Mondi

Introducing An Exclusive Fireplace & Furniture Collection In Collaboration With Donna Mondi

Donna Mondi Interior Design, one of the “Top 20 Interior Designers in Chicago”, and recently named one of the world’s Top 100 designers in the world, is a luxury interior design firm located in Chicago and Denver. Founder and president Donna Mondi started the firm based on a love for design and a determination to cultivate a different, thoughtfully personalized client experience.

DMID is passionately dedicated to creating interiors that capture the essence of the architecture balanced with the highest levels of artistry that reflect the individuality of the client. The firm has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, NY Times, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few. DMID has earned TEN of the coveted ASID Design Excellence Awards along with Luxe Interiors + Design’s GOLD LIST for 2019, 2020 + 2022. In 2020, Donna was inducted as a member into the Design Leadership Network (DLN).

Inspired by classical architecture and informed by history with an eye to the future, our luxury home fireplace collection boasts 16 dynamic, hand-carved fireplaces in a variety of natural stone colors. Donna Mondi’s award-winning firm is known for blending classicism + modernity and adding an edge via unexpected elements.

Her design philosophy translated seamlessly into the perfect partnership with Materials Marketing.

The full collection of fireplaces represents a break in convention by using scale to create drama and incorporating elements that speak to different historic periods, bringing a fresh perspective to our fireplace collection.

A Feature On The Fireplace Collection

The Commander Fireplace designed by Donna Mondi


This big boy COMMANDS attention but with subtle authority. Concave curves soften the pure power that is created by his floor to ceiling height and significant depth.

The Egoist Fireplace designed by Donna Mondi


Simple in form — there is nothing uncomplicated about the Egoist. He know’s he’s stunning and can’t wait to show off his refined elegance

The Introvert Fireplace designed by Donna Mondi


She feels more comfortable focusing inward as shown here with her gracious curves leaning into the fire. Narrow reeding adds texture so she’s likely to get more attention than she wants.

The Visionary Fireplace by Donna Mondi


With a strong vision of the future, but a nod to the past (long live the 80’s!), this curvy girl doesn’t take life too seriously as it’s continually changing. Her curved, reeded profile adds softness to modern interiors. The perfect pairing with your favorite Kagan sofa.



A Feature On The Furniture Collection

Donna Mondi Furniture Collection: The Entertainer


From Old Fashions to French Champagne, he’s there to hold anything you need. A modern interpretation of vintage cigar tables, The Entertainer with his classic striped detail, is designed to live in outdoor spaces.

The Donna Mondi Furniture Collection: The Paradox: Indoor


A contradiction in stone, the Paradox pulls it off with its strong confident shape. The perfect ratio between Nero and Charcoal creates unexpected balance while soft curves lighten the weight of the stone. This is our side table interpretation of the Paradox cocktail table.

The Donna Mondi Furniture Collection: The Therapist


Four cylindrical pillars cradle the bullnose edged surface providing all the strength and support one could ask for. We all need a little help now and then!

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