MATERIAL: Travertine Vs. Marble

MATERIAL: Travertine Vs. Marble

Travertine and Marble are two of the most popular choices for any interior or exterior space. Whether you opt for a neutral travertine tile or a marble with colorful veining, both will add a touch of elegance to your project. MATERIAL can create eye-catching solutions from these highly requested stones for residential and commercial products.

Getting Started With Travertine AND Marble

Travertine and Marble--both types of limestone--share many similarities. However, they differ in the manner in which they were formed, including its unique environments - no two are alike.

Travertine forms when alkaline-rich water flows over the sediment of hot springs or caves, causing a more porous structure.

Travertine tile has a wide color range from white, to cream, and rustic orange. Some show bold vein patterns that make for dazzling floor and wall tile, and backsplashes. It also makes a great addition for outdoor applications like patios, gardens, and walkways. Additional benefits of using travertine include:

Extraordinary color and veining
Uniform with a soft texture

Marble, on the other hand, forms under intense heat and pressure. Ideal applications for this material include fireplace surrounds, wall and floor tiles, even poolscapes.

In addition to color range, the veining in marble has exquisite characteristics. There are many advantages to using this beautiful natural stone, including:

Versatility, easy customization
Durability and longevity
Low maintenance

Explore Our Selection of Travertine and Marble

Since 1965, our master artisans have been delivering the very best in world-class stone, glass, and ceramic tile. For more information on timeless Travertine and Marble, contact us by phone or visit one of our showrooms across the US.

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