Selecting The Right Stone For Outdoor Living Area

Selecting The Right Stone For Outdoor Living Area

It’s never too early to dream of warmer weather.

“These days everyone wants an outdoor room,”
– Elle Decor

With so many options for outdoor materials, selecting the right option can be overwhelming. Our design team has outlined helpful details including the best stone based on your location for constructing your outdoor dream space.




If you live in the Lone Star State, you have several options to give your patio an instant refresh depending on your residence and the size of your outdoor space. We list a few of the most popular materials below.

Stone Tile/Cut Stone

Stone tile is an excellent choice for a geometric layout – look into Pewter and Cream Limestones, Argento Marble, and Maderno Travertine.


Flagstone offers good traction when wet, making it an ideal choice. Available in a range of colors and sizes for entryways and patios.
Architects can also assemble concrete and brick into a versatile patio floor to establish your desired look. Mixing materials also allows you to break up large spaces into sections for more use out of the outdoor space.



If you live in Chicago, chances are you’re looking into the best patio material for cold climates. Midwesterners and those living on the East Coast are well-versed in snowy and cold conditions.

Stone and brick are popularly used compared to concrete. Why? Because concrete is likely to crack within a year – that’s the last thing you want for your new patio.

If you’re a fan of brick, common styles seen in Chi-Town are basketweave and herringbone brick designs with a natural stone bordering the patio. However, if you’re looking for a natural stone, Cream Limestone, Charcoal Limestone, and Nero Marble are your go-to’s. The natural taupe, gray, and black hues make it a versatile style for your residence.



Much like Chicago, homeowners in Atlanta need the stones of their patio to be resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Adding stone is preferred for the aesthetic appeal it can offer your property. Most owners select Pewter Limestone, White Limestone, or Latte Travertine to start. They have an enriching color scheme that aligns with most landscape themes. Stone can be cut easily and transformed to fit your design.



Compared to the colder climates of Atlanta and Chicago, Southern Californians don’t have to worry as much about drastically changing winter temperatures and snow. Patios and outdoor living spaces are perfect for getting some R&R and participating in family activities. Read on for three of the most common types of materials used in West Coast patio house architecture.

Natural Stone

The type of stone you want is entirely your preference, but some of the best options for CA patios include: Pewter Limestone and Dourdan Marble. Each has an elegant appeal for the outdoor space.

Patio Brick Pavers

Clay brick pavers are second-best to natural stone. Depending on the type and design layout, you can expect the installation to last for a long time.


Fast-setting concrete is durable and robust. It is a good option for driveways and pathways outside of the patio.



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