The Design Expert's Guide: Natural Stone Trends This Summer

The Design Expert's Guide: Natural Stone Trends This Summer

Step into luxury with the vibrant beauty of natural stone. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of marble or the warmth of limestone, this season's interior design trends embrace earth-toned hues, unique textures, and captivating patterns. We asked the design community to share their tips and inspiration for the upcoming summer season’s interior design trends.

01. Bring The Outdoors In

Natural stone, with its innate beauty and timeless appeal, is an effortless way to bring the outdoors in.

MATERIAL design MUSE, Donna Mondi of Donna Mondi Interior Design (DMID) feels the warmer months are a great time to design spaces that transition with the seasons. "While we don't design specifically for a season, we're trend-spotting more connections to the outdoors by incorporating unique natural stone and tile installations and styling with more greenery in our spaces."

"Embrace biophilic design elements. When accessorizing a home, we like to incorporate vases in areas for clients to fill with [fresh or faux] florals. Now is the perfect time to refresh and replant!"

Large textured accent wall featuring Obsidian Marble tile

02. Playful Palettes & Textures

Welcome the arrival of summer with bold hues, textures, and patterns. Color is a fundamental element that enhances the visual appeal, mood, and functionality of spaces. It is one of the first aspects of natural stone that catches the eye. Mondi believes finding inspiration in nature is a great starting point for a new project. "It's time to get creative! Some DMID projects start with a gorgeous piece of stone and pull colors from there," she said.

Diversity in texture is also becoming a key element in interior and exterior design. "A simple tile can be transformed into a statement using an interesting installation method. You can upgrade a 12" x 12" stone tile flooring by alternating colors and installing it on an angle."

Obsidian Marble is among her preferred natural stones and is prominent in her latest designs. "We love all things MATERIAL! We recently completed a primary bathroom in Palm Beach, Florida, with a striking combo of Obsidian Marble and Tempest that was a show-stopper."

03. As Versatile As it is Stylish

Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors is all about creating beautiful, versatile spaces with marble and travertine. "Layering different-colored stones and textures adds dimension and interest to my projects. You can create different moods—everything from an elegant and sophisticated tone to a more relaxed, organic, modern vibe. It's all in how you play around with the design, and it's super fun."

While she works with a neutral palette, Schmidt enjoys adding a pop of color through fixtures and artwork–specifically pieces with greens and blues. "I am not necessarily a trend follower, but rather like to design with pieces I love and pieces clients love. I would suggest sticking with timeless designs but mixing things up with fun details that [clients] can easily change down the road: wallpapering the ceiling or a headboard wall, adding a rich paint color to a room to add depth and warmth, or installing a unique light fixture that takes center stage and gives you a 'wow factor.'"

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