Tile Installation Patterns For The Bedroom

Tile Installation Patterns For The Bedroom

Tilework can be chosen to upgrade any number of areas in the home—the bathroom, kitchen, entryway tile flooring, to name a few. However, the versatility of any tile pattern allows it to be used almost anywhere to craft a unique and glamorous look, including the bedroom. 

Where you install tile, however, is only one part of the design process. You also need to select a tile pattern that creates a true wow factor. When combined, a startling location and eye-catching composition can transform your space into a captivating work of art.

Let’s examine some of our favorite tile installation patterns and discuss how incorporating tile into your design can produce delightful results.

Stunning Tile Installation Patterns

Patterns are the way you create visual interest with your tile installation. They can pull your eye across a space or attract your attention to a focal point. The perfect pattern for your project depends on the type of tile layout pattern you’re using and the goal you have for the space.


A herringbone pattern creates a wave-like look. Typically, this is achieved by arranging rectangular tile in an interlocking ‘V’ shape. You can make an interesting and attractive design by using only one tile shape and size.


Herringbone tile pattern designs help make small spaces appear larger by creating a natural flow from one side of the space to the other. 


The classic subway tile pattern is timeless and fits nearly any look. Subway tiles are named for their use in the New York City subway system back in the early 1900s.1 The popularity of this simple design has continued. The subway tile patterns include tiles that are all the same shape and size. 


Colors can be uniform or mixed to create attractive focal points. Subway tile can be installed in two ways:

  • Horizontal – The tiles are laid with the long side on the bottom. The joints of each row fall in the middle of the tile below it. 

  • Vertical – Best for making a room appear taller than it is, the vertical pattern takes the same approach as horizontal except the tiles run from the floor to the ceiling instead of wall to wall.


You can find hexagon tiles in many colors and sizes. The hexagon tile can be used to create fantastic geometric patterns with a mixture of colors. 


Colorful hexagon tiles can be used to draw attention to a specific part of your room, while neutral-colored tiles will create a calm, relaxed atmosphere in your home.


Modular tile patterns combine different shapes and sizes to create a new pattern. Often a series of squares and rectangles can be fit together and then repeated throughout the room.


Modular tiles will give your home a unique touch of style since you create your own tile layout pattern. The tiles you select can all be the same color or you can add a splash to your space with one brightly colored tile in the pattern.


Creating a pattern using a combination of sizes, colors, and shapes of tiles gives you a mosaic tile design. 


You can use a mosaic tile design anywhere. One thing to be careful about is small spaces—you don’t want to create a design that is too busy in a tiny area.

Bedroom Tile: An Elegant Installation

You want your home to be one of a kind. Achieving this goal requires outside-the-box thinking when you select the design elements you’re going to include. Incorporating tiles into surprising places in your house, such as your bedroom, will give you a space that is one hundred percent you. 

Let’s look at some of our favorite ideas for using tile in your bedroom to give it a unique aesthetic.

Stone Flooring 

Achieve the look of luxury for your master bedroom by trying natural stone flooring. Instead of installing hardwood floors or carpeting for your bedroom, a stone tile floor effortlessly creates that elegant ambiance. 

There are plenty of options to choose from which allow you to let your creativity shine. Install marble or travertine for a relaxing and inviting feel or go for a contemporary, minimalist design with dark and dramatic granite tiles.

Another benefit of a stone tile floor in your bedroom is that it’s perfect for installation over underfloor heating systems.2 Natural stone conducts heat well which will keep your feet warm and comfortable in the winter.

Bedroom Backsplash

Instead of buying a traditional headboard from a furniture store, create your own headboard using unique pieces of small or larger tile. Some of our favorite techniques include:3

  • A mosaic of tiny tiles for a colorful work of art

  • Large hexagon tiles pieced together to create a modern look

  • Natural stone to build a connection with nature 

All of these will make the wall behind your bed an alluring focal point of your bedroom.

Bridging Rooms

If you have a master bedroom with a sweeping floor plan, tiles can connect one space to another. Imagine that you have a portion of the room that’s dedicated to just your bed, but then the other side of your master bedroom is a space for sitting—adorned with a fireplace and window sill. For more on fireplace design, visit our blog for insight on an arts and crafts fireplace and the best stone for fireplace designs. 

A mosaic masterpiece or stone tile design helps connect these two spaces, adding a sense of cohesion to the room while still defining the proper boundaries. 

Wall Art

Patterned tiles can be turned into beautiful pieces of artwork. There are endless artistic tile installation pattern designs among wall tile you can create when you play with:

  • Tile type

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Textures

  • Materials

A wonderful thing about art is that it can take any form you choose. If you want something that catches the eye, use bold, bright colors and patterns. Muted colors and smaller installations will complement the rest of the room without capturing as much attention. 

Whether you want to create an ambiance in your bedroom that’s energetic and cutting edge or calming and tranquil, tiling can help you achieve that goal.

MATERIAL: Your Tile Installation Experts

Never underestimate the power of surprise in design. Utilizing patterns and unique installation locations will take your home from passable to extraordinary. 

Here at MATERIAL, our experts help you make your aspirations for your home into a reality. We have 11 showrooms around the U.S. and design specialists ready to guide you through the process.

If you’re curious how to use tile to upgrade your bedroom, contact us today.



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