Artisan Stone Carvers In Central Mexico

Artisan Stone Carvers In Central Mexico

For centuries, Central Mexico has been the epicenter of the architectural tradition of stone carving. The home to many of MATERIAL’s quarries and our largest production facility, this area produces gifted artisans who have spent decades honing their skills to cut and manipulate natural stone into any form imaginable.

MATERIAL has worked with stone carvers whose techniques and skills have been passed down through many generations. The selected materials for each project are carved by hand with only chisels, hammers and other specialty tools to produce these one-of-a-kind pieces of work.


One of the most popular stones in this area is Adoquin. Formed from volcanic ash, this stone is ideal for architectural pieces and mouldings due to its light weight, beautiful composition and exceptional durability.


Orange Adoquin is a brightly colored with brown, gray, and beige specks that add movement to this fiery stone.


Pepper Adoquin is a charcoal-colored stone peppered with hints of light gray, dark gray, and black flakes.


Birch Adoquin is a light gray stone speckled with dark accents, like the bark of its namesake tree.


Date Adoquin is a light blush stone accentuated with hints of rust, gray, beige, and white colors.

Above: A worker wipes down and inspects a mosaic pattern.

As America’s oldest and largest fully integrated stone manufacturer, MATERIAL is honored to work with over 60 skilled artisan stone carvers. We work closely with these local communities to utilize their knowledge and expertise to modify Adoquin and other natural stones to align with your vision and taste.

At MATERIAL, we provide world-class architectural stone, tile, fireplaces, and moulding. If you’re interested in adding rich, bold Adoquin to your interior or exterior applications, our experts are here to help. Visit one of our showrooms or contact our stone design experts.

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