MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Meet Designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt

MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Meet Designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt

Renowned designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt translates visions into dazzling, contemporary areas with a focus on lifestyle. MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile is looking forward to working with Jennifer and her award-winning residential design firm JWS Interiors to launch a collection of sophisticated marble accessories that are perfect for entertaining and adding luxury to your home. Here, Schmidt offers a peek into her journey as an interior designer and her exclusive collaboration with MATERIAL.

MATERIAL: Share with us a little bit about yourself.

You could say I am a dreamer and a single mother with two amazing teenage daughters.

I am never afraid to take risks in life. You've only got one-might as well try everything you can. That's how JWS Interiors started.

I started JWS Interiors as a second career with the hope that someday it would be a full-time job and one I could stay passionate about. Here we are 17 years later, and it has been the best thing I've ever done, next to having children. A bit cliche, but a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making this a successful business.

I couldn't be happier, especially with where JWS Interiors is going.


MATERIAL: How did your career in interior design begin?

After working in hi-tech PR for years, I quit my high-paying job to do something I always loved, which coincided around when I bought my first house. I started with nothing and built the business from scratch.

I had always loved design, so I took Interior Design 101 at my local community college and loved it. A local design showroom hired me for a brief stint. Following that, I decided to open JWS Interiors and market by word-of-mouth with family, friends, and neighbors. The rest is history! I've been in business ever since and have absolutely loved the journey!


MATERIAL: How has your work developed over time?

I initially designed spaces with a "glamourous bent"; however, that has changed into a clean, modern, and organic vibe. I like sophisticated but comfortable interiors. I'm known to decorate with A LOT of white!


MATERIAL: What are three of the biggest inspirations that influence your style?

I love to travel, so that is always inspiring. Fashion also influences me––wearing and designing with natural fabrics such as linen and neutral colors. No surprise there since I'm known for neutral interiors with limited color. I also look to other designers I admire to gather inspiration.


MATERIAL: How would you describe your designs? What do they reflect?

My designs are clean, modern, and sophisticated. I would like to think they bring a sense of peace and calm in our hectic world today—a refuge per se.


MATERIAL: What are you looking forward to the most with your new partnership?

I am so excited to partner with MATERIAL! Your expertise in stone, coupled with my design aesthetic, will make this an amazing collection.


MATERIAL: What excites you most about MATERIAL's bespoke possibilities?

MATERIAL has top-of-the-line beautiful stone choices, so it's a given that the pieces will reflect quality, beauty, and sophistication.


MATERIAL: How have you implemented the timeless beauty of natural stone in your latest projects?

I've been working with natural stone, specifically marble, in many projects. I just love the look. The options with a natural stone are limitless because it can be used almost anywhere in a home, from small to large-scale projects.


MATERIAL: Do you have a preferred medium or favorite stone?

I absolutely love marble, hands down! It is timeless and beautiful.


MATERIAL: What has been your favorite step during the design process of a new collection?

I love seeing something that intrigues me, whether in nature or on a simple shopping trip. It could be a shape or a design detail I noticed shopping for my home. It is so fun to come up with the idea and see how it evolves into the first prototype.


MATERIAL: What is your most important factor when designing a space?

The initial feeling you get when you are in a space. I always tell clients that I want them to love being "here," whatever space it is that I am designing for them.


MATERIAL: What do you hope people will take away from your collection with MATERIAL? Why?

I hope this collection reflects my brand and style and people love using the pieces to enhance their homes with our beautiful accessories.


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