MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Meet Interior Designer Courtney McLeod

MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Meet Interior Designer Courtney McLeod

Award-winning New York City-based designer Courtney McLeod and her firm Right Meets Left Interior Design has garnered the attention of notable publications like Architectural Digest, Porter, and Luxe Magazine for her dazzling, vibrant color-confident aesthetic. She employs textures and patterns in natural stone colors that elevate modern design. Learn more about her inspiration and journey to becoming an interior designer ahead of our grand reveal.

MATERIAL: Please share with us a little bit about yourself.

Today, I am proud to say that I am an interior designer and the principal of my firm, Right Meets Left Interior Design, an award-winning full-service design firm based in New York.

My team and I manage residential and commercial design projects, from luxury residential interior design and renovations to high-end new development condo staging.

Growing up in New Orleans, I was always interested in architecture, design, and real estate. Today, I show my clients how to invest in their homes and the elements that can bring them joy and help them live comfortably. I design around my clients' personalities, then add my unique filter. I like to say that it is always elegant, but with a wink and a smile!

MATERIAL: How did your career in interior design begin?

I wasn't feeling fulfilled in my job as head of portfolio management for a real estate investment fund. Then my father became ill. Thankfully, he recovered, but it was a moment of pause where I realized life was too short, and I wasn't happy.

My passion for design had always been bubbling over the years, and I realized it was time to pursue this creative passion. So I took a step out of character for myself and quit my job with no plan, but as soon as I made the decision, I had zero doubt.

In my first year, rather than attain a traditional design degree, I took several classes at Parsons, Pratt, and the New York School of Interior Design to gain practical tools and knowledge while studying the history of design, style, and architecture. I had pursued studies in the decorative arts in my free time for fun over the years, so I knew I needed those technical skills if I was going to be serious about being an interior designer.

I also read The Professional Practice of Interior Design, which taught me about the business of design. I am proud to share that Right Meets Left Interior Design celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2022.

MATERIAL: How has your work developed over time?

My work has grown more confident, more colorful, and more fearless over the years.

MATERIAL: What are three of the biggest inspirations that influence your style?

  • Growing up in New Orleans
  • My mom's exuberant personality and style
  • Traveling abroad

MATERIAL: How would you describe your designs? What do they reflect?

The name Right Meets Left perfectly reflects my approach to the design process - rooted in an ideal balance of innovative design (right brain) and analytical rigor (left brain). I utilize a kaleidoscopic toolbox of texture, pattern, and color to create a singular and cohesive expression of each client's unique personality and lifestyle.

Creatively, I am known for joyfully elegant, color-confident interiors expressing both my client's unique tastes and my vivid, collected aesthetic. I approach each project with a keen understanding and appreciation of the significant financial investment required to execute a successful interior design project.

MATERIAL: What are you looking forward to the most with your new partnership?

I am really excited to align with a brand that shares our values, integrity, and attention to quality.

MATERIAL: What excites you most about MATERIAL's bespoke tile and stone possibilities?

I am so excited to explore the creative possibilities with the MATERIAL team! Tile and stone are some of my favorite products to work with in our designs, so I am eager to push the envelope and expand my knowledge of how these products can be used.

MATERIAL: How have you implemented the timeless beauty of natural stone in your latest projects?

We have used natural stone for everything from contemporary stone fireplaces to custom dining tables and bath mosaics. I am renovating my home in NYC and am very excited to use natural stone throughout it in partnership with MATERIAL.

MATERIAL: Do you have a preferred medium or favorite stone?

Calacatta Viola and Lemurian Blue are recent favorites. I'm drawn to natural stones with bold and colorful details.

MATERIAL: What is the essential factor for you when designing a space?

Ultimately, my goal is to create a space that feels uniquely personal and conjures joy for each of our clients.

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