Crown Moulding in Architectural Design

Dining Room with Crown, Case, and Base Mouldings in Argento Marble

Crown moulding is an architectural classic that creates a balanced transition from wall to ceiling. With a history dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome, it’s no surprise that the decorative element is still in high demand. The Greeks and Romans employed crown moulding inspired by foundational shapes like the ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola to embellish structures and add architectural beauty to their buildings.

Natural stone crown moulding makes a beautiful addition to any project at any scale. At MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile, we offer a range of natural stone selections, styles, and colors to suit your vision.

Architectural Decorative Elements

Crown mouldings are an often underestimated addition to interior design. Not only are they a compelling accent on their own, but designers can combine crown with other moulding types for intricate and elegant detailing.

All our bespoke crown moulding can be hand-crafted to your specifications by our generational artisans. Our striking natural stone selections include Argento Marble and White Limestone, and all are renowned for their versatility, low-maintenance upkeep, and exceptional durability.

Custom quotes are available for all of our moulding families:


The Mediterranean Family crown moulding embraces influence from the Southern European Coast, merging boldness and simplicity to create something unique.

Mediterranean Crown Moulding in Argento Marble


At home in nearly any space, the East Coast Family crown moulding adds a touch of formality without sacrificing character. Clean lines and gentle arcs provide a contemporary twist on a traditional design.

East Coast Crown Moulding in Maderno Travertine


The Mid-Century Family crown moulding showcases muted curves and geometric shapes that exemplify the movement. Stylish but accessible, this nuanced family integrates seamlessly with projects of any style.

Mid-Century Crown Moulding in Charcoal Limestone


The Craftsman Family crown moulding brings charm to interior spaces; triangular forms mirror gabled roofs and unify the range of moulding types.

Craftsman Crown Moulding in White Limestone


Provence Family crown mouldings add a touch of luxury to the coziness of the peaceful countryside. With adorned but slightly slimmer profiles, this family harmonizes well with any space.

Provence Crown Moulding in Argento Marble


Classic and timeless, the Heritage Family crown moulding embodies sophistication. Decorative but refined profiles join alternating curves, embracing both traditional and contemporary styles.

Heritage Moulding in Maderno Travertine

Crown Moulding At MATERIAL

Since 1965, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile has been delivering the very best in world-class stone, glass, and ceramic tile. For more information on our crown moulding, schedule a virtual appointment online or contact us by phone to learn more about our showroom locations across the U.S.


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