MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Bathrooms That Leave an Impact

MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Bathrooms That Leave an Impact

Natural stone adds timeless elegance and sophistication to residential and commercial spaces. Designers like Erika Barczak, Melanie Lynn, Mary Beth Sullivan, and Devon Kolomyjec have reshaped contemporary style using MATERIAL's selections as a focal point in their bathroom designs. Each featured project serves as a stunning display of the unlimited design possibilities of natural stone.


Erika Barczak - @erika_barczak - @spruceathome - @wamhoffdesignbuild - @bydesigninteriorinc - @154photographytx

Spruce Interiors is a high-end interior shop based in Austin, TX. Owner and Principal Designer Erika Barczak has been a designer for over 15 years and creates elevated interior spaces. She fosters a connection between designers and craftspeople that have opened the door to more unique and creative projects.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?

"The inspiration behind this entire custom home was to look like we did a really fantastic remodel on a historic home," said Barczak. "The client wanted to incorporate traditional design with fresh punches, so the entire home is a beautiful exercise in old meets new."

"We have classic Danby Marble with a streamlined Kohler tub, an antique chandelier with large picture windows. We even found Danby marble for the countertops but used a modern eased edge for a clean look."

Stone Featured: Danby Marble

Melanie Lynn - @melanielynninteriors_

Melanie Lynn Interiors is a Los Angeles-based interior design firm. Founder and Principal Designer Melanie Lynn emphasizes that the home is our most sacred space – she loves being able to work with her clients to create their most idyllic surroundings.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?

"This beautiful project was brought to me when my client was ready to remodel her outdated primary bathroom,” said Lynn. "This was such a special project and quickly became inspired by a gorgeous custom tile I created on the floor, using MATERIAL's Montclair tile as the base."

"When I first saw the rare green veins throughout the Montclair tile, I knew it was a special marble that needed to be incorporated into this custom bath. It offered the perfect hint of uniqueness while remaining elegant. The final result exceeded my clients' wildest dreams!"

Stone Featured: Montclair Marble


Mary Beth Sullivan - @mbsullivandesign 

MB Sullivan Design is a Texas-based interior design studio specializing in soulful, collected homes. They work closely with clients to create spaces that carry their clients' narratives and embrace their lifestyles. Her intent is to curate elements that are old, new, practical, artful, and deeply personal for enduring style and functionality.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?

"When designing this primary bath, we were looking to create a space that felt elevated yet relaxed. It was important that the tile had character and could pull off old-world charm in a modern setting," said Sullivan. 

"We were drawn to the Arto Brick Arabesque Pattern in Old California for those very reasons. We loved that it added warmth to the space and had a handmade feel. We paired it with large format Honed Limestone Lombardy floor-to-ceiling tiles which add a subtle rich visual texture to the walls of this sun-filled bathroom."

Stone Featured: Marble


Devon Kolomyjec - @belatelierdesign 

Abby Tolin and Devon Kolomyjec of Bel Atelier are located in San Antonio, serving residential and commercial clients nationwide. They create interesting and timeless spaces for their clients to make memories in for decades to come.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?

“This client wanted her primary bathroom to be classic and timeless, but have a flare of interesting personality,” said Kolomyjec. “She has always loved the use of marbles throughout Rachel Parcell's home, and we discussed those details in length as we worked on the concepts for her space.”

“We worked to accomplish a timeless aesthetic through the use of natural marble materials, a classic basketweave floor pattern, and beautiful cabinetry. We loved the depth of color that the blue/gray pieces gave to the bathroom floor, and wanted to carry that depth onto the floor of the shower - by using the Pietra Milano stone in a smaller scale.”

Stone Featured: Marble


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