Mesmerizing Glass Mosaics: A Design Element Redefined

Mesmerizing Glass Mosaics

While styles may come and go, certain decorative tile trends continue to dominate architectural design. Glass mosaics are a stunning display of creativity and artistic expression in interior and exterior spaces. With a range of colors available, MATERIAL's evergreen selection offers limitless possibilities for homeowners and designers alike.

Decorative Bespoke Tiles
Mosaics are incredibly versatile, can seamlessly complement any combination of materials, and affords practical benefits, effortless cleaning, and easy maintenance. It’s an excellent option whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom or add a pop of color to enhance the visual impact of your pool.

Interior Bathroom: In contemporary design, glass adds a striking accent to shower walls or within niches. 

Poolside Oasis: Due to its chemical resistant properties and durability when exposed to the elements, glass is an excellent choice for pools. 

Glass Mosaic Swimming Pool

Glass can be molded to any desired shape or form to meet your design capabilities. MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile offers an assortment of handcrafted glass mosaics for you to explore by color and style. A few of our trending mosaic colors for the season include:

Crystal Glass Mosaics

Crystal Glass Mosaic

Ocean Glass Mosaics

Ocean Glass Mosaic

White Glass Mosaics

White Glass Mosaic

Onyx Glass Mosaics

Onyx Glass Mosaic

Ice Glass Mosaics

Ice Glass Mosaic

Emerald Glass Mosaics 

Emerald Glass Mosaic

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