MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Interior Fireplace Designs

MATERIAL Designer Partnerships: Interior Fireplace Designs

A natural stone fireplace can add magnificent character and warmth to your home. Bespoke designs serve as stunning additions to living spaces, whether the centerpiece of a grand living room or focal point of a primary bedroom. Steph Musur, Alicia Hassen, and Rainey Richardson, three visionary designers, have revolutionized contemporary trends by incorporating MATERIAL fireplaces as a pivotal element. Going beyond the traditional, they add a fresh perspective into fireplace additions this summer. Their custom projects bring their clients’ visions to life while showcasing the versatility of natural stone fireplaces.


Steph Musur - @stephmusur
A Fireplace Surround with Effortless Harmony

Steph Musur Designs is a high-end interior design firm based in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Steph Musur crafts custom spaces to fulfill every need and wish of her clients, who will create a lifetime of memories in their forever home. Her team utilizes neutral colors and natural textures to create custom coastal homes and secondary residences that delight and inspire.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?
“Characteristic of the work that defines our firm, the great room of this home features predominantly neutral colors with a hint of blue and a variety of textures that create dimension,” said Musur.

“The Bianco Honed Marble fireplace surround blends with the color of the room so that the eye is drawn to the expansive beauty of the lake. The strength and solidity of the stone anchor the room amidst the soft elements in the fabrics used on the couch and sheer drapes and rounded corners of the fireplace”

Stone Featured: Bespoke MATERIAL Bianco Marble Fireplace 


Alicia Hassen - @brooklinteriors
Interior Design Transformation in Austin, Texas

Brooklinteriors, a full-service interior design studio based in Austin, Texas. Alicia Hassen and her team specialize in home renovation, restoration and furnishing projects for homeowners looking to incorporate high touch service and artisan appreciation. The origin of her designs are a combination of the home's architectural style and her client's personal aesthetics.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?
“Staying true to the craftsman style home, I wanted to incorporate additional organic materials with a hand-made quality,” said Hassen. The initial design became a delicate balance between simple yet beautifully crafted pieces that would lend well to modern accents seen in the furnishings and decor.

“I sourced materials that would bring warmth and contrast,” she said. “The Menorca Marble by MATERIAL was a perfect fit, bringing a beautiful range of lights and darks into the room, and pairing beautifully with the new oak cabinetry and built-in bench. Together the oak, travertine, and Menorca marble fireplace worked together to create a modern yet sophisticated craftsman style space.”

Stone Featured: Bespoke MATERIAL Menorca Marble in Honed Finish Fireplace

Rainey Richardson & Winfrey Design Build - @raineyrichardsoninteriors, @winfreydesignbuild
Serene Elegance: Limestone Tile Fireplace Surround

Rainey Richardson Interiors is a high-end, Houston-based interior design firm that specializes in new build construction, remodeling, top layer furnishings, and design. You can find their full service design studio and selection library at the Houston Design Center.

Project Highlight - What inspired the design?
“The hard surface specifications and the overall vibe of this project were first inspired by the architecture, which is indicative of a Modern Tudor design style,” said Richardson. “It was important that we selected traditional English forms in certain applications, but done in an updated way to make the design current.” 

The Concord Surround in Riviera Beige Limestone created a fresh yet “found” feeling for the living room space.

Stone Featured: Bespoke MATERIAL Riviera Beige Limestone Transitional Surround

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