Embracing Elegance: Contemporary Column Designs

Embracing Elegance: Contemporary Column Designs

Bespoke columns of your selected material and color can be designed to fit any space. Both functional and decorative, MATERIAL reintroduces this architectural classic. 

Columns are handcrafted to add an impressive element to your project. With a history dating back centuries–from ancient colonnades to paired columns–they continue to play a significant role in architecture. Whether you’re building your project from the ground up or breathing new life into an existing space, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile will assist you in bringing your design vision to life.

Modern Interior Columns
MATERIAL’s bespoke columns are fabricated to provide structure and striking beauty. Natural stone takes center stage, acting as both captivating artwork and versatile canvas. Each column from our latest collection exhibits the diverse and expansive range of this stunning material. Explore column designs by style. 

Developed in ancient Greece, Corinthian style columns feature elegant fluted shafts and capitals decorated with leaves, flowers, and small rolling scrolls.

Ionic style columns are a timeless, luxurious choice, decorated with spiraling embellishment and slender shaft.

The oldest style of column, Doric, has plain, unadorned capitals characterized by their simplicity.

Doric Square
Doric Square columns are a modern take on historical design, featuring clean lines and crisp edges.

With a smooth shaft and unornamented capital bands, the Tuscan column is the ultimate in simple elegance.

Bespoke Color Combinations
Contemporary columns can be sleek and minimalist, characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes, or you can go for sculptural pieces that make a bold statement and add artistic flair. Here are some recommended neutral colors for bespoke columns:

  • Sable Marble - A medium to dark chocolate colored marble with heavy color range and veining. The deep earthy tones take center-stage in any room.
  • Charcoal Limestone - A medium density, tight grain limestone with soft grey hues. This versatile stone is available in all architectural and tile formats, as well as interior and exterior veneer.
  • White Limestone - A Texas limestone with medium density, tight grain, and off-white tones. Excellent for commercial and exterior applications.
  • Latte Travertine - Popular travertine stone featuring warm tones and classic movement. Latte can be cut from the raw block in “cross” cut or “vein-cut."
  • Obsidian Marble  - A dramatic black marble with white veining well suited for traditional and modern aesthetics. Its high color range makes this stone great for all applications.

Grand-Scale Column Designs
Since 1965, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile has been delivering the very best in world-class stone, glass, and ceramic tile. For more information on our columns, schedule a virtual appointment online or contact us by phone to learn more about our showroom locations across the U.S.

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