Harmonious Kitchen Spaces: A Guide to Mixing and Matching Stones

Harmonious Kitchen Spaces: A Guide to Mixing and Matching Stones

The kitchen holds a special place as the heart of every home. When it comes to designing the most important room of the house, it's essential to establish a strong connection with the layout and setup of your space. 

The beauty and versatility of natural stone is unmatched, and MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile carries a variety of Adoquin, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, and Ceramic Tile combinations to refresh and create a cohesive and well-executed interior. These bold and vibrant options will transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ultimate Kitchen Guide
Premium natural stone plays a pivotal role in design, as a timeless durable material that adds long-term value to your space.

  • Start by selecting a color palette. Use the colors of the countertop and cabinets.
  • Consider the size of your space. Match the size of your stone and ceramic tiles to suit. Tile size can help determine the look and feel of your space. 
  • Think about maintenance. When mixing and matching materials, ensure that everything has similar care requirements. 
  • Pick a focal point. The eye naturally draws to two kitchen areas—the space above the stovetop and above the sink. Focus on more elaborate designs in one (or both) of these locations. 
  • Continue backsplash tile to the ceiling. The design and placement offer a more contemporary look.

Natural Stone: A Valuable Design Element
The process of combining stone tiles in your kitchen may seem challenging, but it can be done seamlessly. Key factors to achieve your desired look are balance and color coordination. Stone tiles are an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and low-maintenance material that offers endless possibilities with their various textures, finishes, and colors.  

Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or refreshing your kitchen space, MATERIAL invites you to explore palettes and trends that speak to your style. Take inspiration from our curated selection of natural stone and ceramic tiles.

Green With Envy 
Stones Featured: Montclair Marble, Birch Adoquin, Nero Marble, Breccia Nuvole Marble, Maderno Travertine, Wizard Ceramic Tile 

Greys & Blues, the Perfect Hues
Stones Featured: Breccia Azul Marble, Breccia Nero Marble, Carrara Marble, Calaglio Marble, Montclair Marble, Wizard Ceramic Tile

Seeing Red
Stones Featured: Autumn Terrazzo, Date Adoquin, Wizard Ceramic Tile, Sable Marble, Vintage Travertine, White Limestone

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Since 1965, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile has been delivering the very best in world-class stone, glass, and ceramic tile. For more information on our stone selections, schedule a virtual appointment online or contact us by phone to learn more about our showroom locations across the U.S.

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