Exclusive Collection Honors Legacy of Iconic West Coast Design

Tim Roberts

Known for Bespoke Custom Craftsmanship, MATERIAL Partners with Top Innovators to Forge Future of Luxury Design  

For those who seek to elevate their interior or exterior spaces to a liveable work of art, MATERIAL has long been the respected industry leader. For over 60 years, the brand has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise in using versatile earth elements to create inventive custom stone, glass, and ceramic tile pieces, along with custom architectural stonework, its close-knit team “bringing any design dream to life.” Since 1962, the company has steadily strengthened a legacy of honoring traditional craftsmanship while also looking forward to “what’s next,” developing creative ways to bring old-world art forms into modern interior/exteriorscapes. 

“MATERIAL sets itself apart by putting our heart and soul into the craft,” shares President and CEO Tim Roberts. “We’re more than manufacturers or retailers - we are skilled artisans who enjoy transforming client visions into reality.”

President and CEO Tim Roberts

The story of the brand begins with one man’s love of the exquisite handmade Mexican flooring found among the buildings and homes in Coahuila, Mexico. Entranced by the rustic deep reds of these unglazed natural clay Saltillo tiles, Don Rymer, Sr. established Materials Marketing in 1962 to share their unique beauty with the world. Every selection since - now expanded to include glass and stone - is built upon values of strong relationships, enduring quality, and celebrating earth’s finest materials in every bespoke finished look. 

Today, MATERIAL remains the only US stone and tile purveyor to manage the entire manufacturing process. From quarry to showroom or project site, they cultivate a distinctive ability to cater to any custom design style. Their team is highly trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of mosaics, mouldings, fireplaces, and stone architecture, boasting a powerful portfolio of residential ($30M+) and commercial spaces personalized to an astonishing variety of aesthetic preferences. 

Under the leadership of Roberts, who brings a wealth of experience in tile and stone, MATERIAL proudly supports both the longstanding heritage of its craft and the promise of its future. The brand’s blog showcases inspiring designers from across the nation who are making strides on behalf of the industry. Roberts’ team also partners with top names in design to develop collaborative collections that fuse traditional resources with modern styles. 

Coming soon: the Jeff Trotter Design by MATERIAL collection unites modern luxury and coastal comfort in a selection of exclusive mosaic, tile, and stonework designs by award-winning industry innovator Jeff Trotter. Featured in ELLE Décor and Luxe Magazine, Trotter’s SKIN SURF and STONE SURF functional statement pieces caught the eye of Roberts and his brand. Now, two of the most iconic names in modern design will work together to create a fresh line that brings new meaning to West Coast chic.


Discover an enduring Jeff Trotter Designed by MATERIAL selection of natural stone fireplaces, tile mosaics, freestanding stonework, and more that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, redefining “natural beauty” in the modern design scape. Locate one of eight US showrooms or schedule a virtual consult now at explorematerial.com. Follow @explore.material on Instagram for fresh design inspiration, collaborative collections, and brand updates.

Photo Credit: Zeke Ruelas



Don Rymer, Sr. founded MATERIAL in 1962 to share his passion for the unique beauty of artisan-crafted stone and tile with the world. The first to import Saltillo tiles to the U.S. from Mexico’s Coahuila region - and an early explorer of their beautiful handcrafted materials - the brand has since built a distinguished reputation for bringing a wide variety of residential and commercial design dreams to life. Now under the leadership of visionary CEO Tim Roberts, MATERIAL’s close-knit design team exhibits an inspired, constantly-expanding collection featuring exclusive collaborations with industry-leading designers, along with timeless natural stone cultivated from quarry to showroom - perfect for creating a uniquely bespoke interior aesthetic. Learn more at explorematerial.com. Follow @explore.material on Instagram for fresh design inspiration, collaborative collections, and brand updates.

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