A Fireplace Hearthside You’ll Cozy Up To Year Round

A Fireplace Hearthside You’ll Cozy Up To Year Round

Fireplaces are considered the centerpiece of a residence. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can warm up any space with the right design and striking material.

Fireplaces were once a necessity, but now they’re primarily a design feature in both contemporary and traditional living spaces. Now is a great time for architects and homeowners to reassess the role of fireplaces as focal points in rooms.

At MATERIAL Bespoke + Tile, we specialize in creating custom designs from scratch to perfectly complement your home or project. With decades of experience, we can craft any design you can imagine.

Statement-Making Fireplaces

There are two main types of fireplaces: indoor and outdoor. The difference between them lies in location and the type of building material used. The right natural stone tile ensures it’ll remain durable over time with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Traditional Indoor Fireplace

Traditional fireplaces are usually located in an enclosed area like the living room, dining room, or bedroom. They can give spaces symmetry and balance. Choose a fireplace design that is authentic to you and the period of your residence or property.

We recommend stones like our Bianco Marble or Riviera Beige Limestone at MATERIAL. Both have a high heat tolerance that can be used with natural gas, electric fireplace inserts, or wood-burning fireplaces.

When properly maintained, illuminating white and grey marble stone can withstand cracks or chips. Limestone is a softer building material with equal durability. It is unlikely to get dented, scratched, or broken.

Entertain indoors without worrying about inclement weather, and relax inside on a beautiful evening.

Contemporary Outdoor Fireplace

Are you thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio or garden? It is one of many ways to transform your yard into a beautiful living space that you can use year-round. Natural stones like Travertine, Granite, and Limestone are ideal for an outdoor hearth and surround.

Each stone brings sophistication, elegance, and character. Travertine and Limestone are versatile and available in different finishes for the perfect look. Adding value to your property doesn’t have to mean sacrificing its natural beauty. Fire resistant stone tile can help you keep your home looking great while protecting it from the elements.

Granite offers brown, grey, and black hues, making it beautiful and functional. Using granite stone is ideal, as it stays cool to the touch when in use. It will also protect the surrounding areas of the fireplace from getting too hot. MATERIAL offers a selection from Binzhou Green Granite to Rusty Granite (Flamed) and Giallo White Granite.

Build The Fireplace You Desire

With over thirty unique natural stone color options and sixty-plus custom designs, your choices are endless. We will cut the stone precisely how you want for a custom fireplace.

Stone will add flair to the fireplace surround, mantel, sides, and base (hearth) around the fireplace opening. Available in antico, brushed, french quarter, hand hewn, honed, and polished finishes.

Are you looking for inspiration for your existing fireplace or home decor? View our featured fireplace collection from top designer Donna Mondi. Her line of luxury, European-inspired, hand-carved fireplaces hints at classical architecture and modernity with an edge.

MATERIAL’s in-house design team is here to help if you have questions regarding bespoke solutions.

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