The Art Of The Swimming Pool

The Art Of The Swimming Pool

Summer is in full swing, and that means more time poolside. The area around your swimming pool, primarily the design of the pool deck, plays a key role in defining your residence’s architectural beauty and functionality. Incorporating natural stone tiling or adding a stone fountain are two great ways to elevate the space.

Trending Summer Natural Stones

This stunning material provides an array of colors, designs, and finishes. You’ll find minimal upkeep, as it is durable, heat-resistant, slip-resistant, and waterproof. MATERIAL has a wide selection of options you’ll love this season. Our featured stones for the summer include:


Charcoal is a medium density, tight grain limestone. The range of soft grey hues makes it highly versatile in design possibilities. Elevate your pool deck with a monochromatic aesthetic, or add levels of sophistication to your pool. It is available in all architectural and tile formats, including interior and exterior veneer.


Latte Travertine is a top-rated and highly versatile stone, with warm tones and classic travertine movement. Upgrade your pool deck with a beautiful mixture of polished brown and beige hues with hints of silver. Latte can be cut from the raw block in a “cross” or a “vein-cut.” Depending on the design of your choice, you’ll find a broader variation in color and structure.


Bring life to your outdoor space with pewter, a medium density, tight grain limestone with soft hues ranging from grey to brown. Its applications are limitless, paired with the versatility of the color, from the pool coping to decking and flooring.


Illuminate your outdoor space with white limestone. Unlike its beige, brown, or grey stone counterparts, you’ll find natural off-white tones are the perfect element to add depth to the pool deck. Excellent for commercial and exterior applications, as it ages well with time and exposure to the elements.

Why Natural Stone?

Enjoy the beauty and feel of your pool without the stress this summer! Natural stone allows for easier custom applications compared to manufactured building materials. Replace and maintain the tiles of your pool deck as you see fit with an array of finishes and polishes that makes your poolscape feel as great as it looks!

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