Discover the Natural Beauty and Versatility of Travertine Stone

Discover the Natural Beauty and Versatility of Travertine Stone
This natural stone is a contemporary favorite, from hand-carved fireplaces to mosaics and vein-cut floor tile. Travertine takes center stage for its stunning decorative surface and warm earth-tone palette. It complements any color or finish, making it a beautiful addition to your next project.

Sophistication in Stone: Guide To Selecting Travertine 

01. Unmatched Color Combinations & Finishes

Travertine is a type of limestone that forms from mineral deposits in natural springs, giving it a unique appearance and rustic charm. There are several shade variations, ranging from neutral brown and beige hues to dramatic veining.

The Plaza Hotel: Vintage Travertine Fireplace - Honed Finish

02. Great For Residential & Commercial

Travertine is easily customizable and can be carved or transformed into any bespoke specifications. While many utilize travertine tile in bathrooms or living rooms, this versatile stone extends beyond interior applications. Renowned for its exceptional durability and slip-resistant qualities, travertine is excellent for pool coping, walkways, columns, and mouldings. 

03. Apply A Desired Natural Stone Finish

The natural stone finish of your choice can impact the look and feel of travertine. At MATERIAL, our finishes are applied by hand, ensuring that each element of your bespoke order mirrors your space. Seven unique finishes are available for stone, tile, and mosaics: Polished, Honed, Brushed, Antico, Chateau, French Quarter, and Maison.

The Castlebrook Farm Estate - Latte Travertine

04. Preserve & Protect After Installation 

One of the considerations to keep in mind before investing in travertine stone is the natural stone sealant. Sealants form a protective barrier that helps prevent wear and tear and staining of porous stone. We recommend cleaning all natural stone surfaces with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to preserve longevity.

05. Travertine is Timeless

Travertine has long been synonymous with luxury and elegance. Its rich history and natural characteristics contribute to its status as a top choice for interior and exterior design. With its high versatility and durability, it will continue to adorn spaces with sophistication for years to come.

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