Elevating Elegance: MATERIAL's Bespoke Architectural Stone Elements

Elevating Elegance: MATERIAL's Bespoke Architectural Stone Elements

Natural stone has long been captivating, offering a combination of strength, longevity, and beauty. Hand-carved elements are a beautiful addition to projects of any scale.

The Allure of Architectural Stone 

From idea to reality, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile's trained experts refine designs and assist clients in selecting the perfect natural stone. Each piece originates from a collaborative process between clients and our experts. Skilled artisans then hand-sculpt and carve architectural masterpieces; whether it's a majestic fireplace or an intricately carved kitchen hood, these stone elements last for generations with a touch of refined sophistication. Some popular bespoke solutions include: 

  • Contemporary Stone Fireplaces - For centuries, fireplaces have been central in interior spaces. We offer a selection of over thirty colors and more than sixty bespoke designs. MATERIAL's hand-carved fireplaces are adorned with intricate motifs, delicate details, and sculptural elements, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.

  • Stone Kitchen Hoods - Kitchen hoods can be transformed into remarkable creations. Carved stone combines functionality with aesthetics, elevating the room's overall look and feel. Pearl Marble or Nero Marble are two options with vibrant patterns or veining that can transform an ordinary kitchen feature into a statement piece.

  • Carved Window and Door Surrounds - Window and door surrounds play a crucial role in framing and accentuating architectural openings. Carved features take this function to new heights with their ability to create a lasting impression. 

Bespoke Tile and Stone

Since 1965, MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile has been delivering the very best in world-class stone, glass, and ceramic tile. For more information on architectural decorative elements, schedule a virtual appointment online or contact us by phone to learn more about our showroom locations across the U.S.

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